Henry G. Hagan has a strong history of using his professional skills, insight, and business experience to aide Chief Executive Officers and business owners who are anxious about their company’s current or future prospects.


Typically, business leaders are easily caught up with working in their company's day to day activities, and often fail to spend adequate time working on their company's long-term success.   Henry helps CEOs and business owners enhance their long-term growth and profitability by serving as a sounding board, analyzing the company's operations, and offering a candid evaluation and potential solutions.

Henry would be delighted to have a conversation with you regarding the threats and opportunities facing your business. Feel free to reach out to him. He could have a very favorable effect on your company's velocity and Vector.

“Implementation of Henry’s ‘Board Wheel’ ensured that all required elements of Risk Management, Governance & Strategy were suitably addressed, in a timely manner. ”

Praveen Jagwani, CEO
UTI International